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  • 2018 DNA Fingerprinting Scheme launched for apples, pears and cherries
    The project has announced that following the success of their schemes in 2016 and 2017, they are offering DNA analysis of Apple, Pear and Cherry fruit trees for 2018 at £26 plus VAT per sample....

  • Garden Organic welcomes European visitors
    Garden Organic last month gave European visitors an insight into its successful social and therapy gardening projects over a week-long visit.-- Delivered by Feed43 service

  • Ryton Gardens Q&A - April 2018
    To help address some of the common questions around the current review process of the site at Ryton, below are a selection of the questions we have been asked in recent weeks, with our responses.-- Delivered...

  • Support the Pesticide Free Towns campaign
    Garden Organic is supporting the Pesticide Free Towns campaign, launched by PAN UK. -- Delivered by Feed43 service

  • One man & his organic plot - April 2018
    It’s all about seed sowing at the moment. Despite the recent wet weather and cold snaps Chris has sown his tender crops, in preparation for better planting conditions - with plans in place to greatly...

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