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  • Glyphosate future still undecided
    European ministers have once again reached stalemate on whether to relicense the weed killer chemical glyphosate. Only 14 voted to approve the proposal that the licence be renewed for a further 5 years,...

  • Neonics - UK to back ban says Gove
    Michael Gove, Minister for the Environment, has committed the UK to backing a ban on bee-harming pesticides. "Where there is evidence that human activity is contributing to pollinator decline, we have...

  • Xylella fastidiosa. What is it?
    What is Xylella? Is it a risk for British plants?-- Delivered by Feed43 service

  • Glyphosate decision delayed by EU Commission
    After Tuesday's vote in the EU parliament to limit the glyphosate licence for just 5 years, the EU Commission was expected to ratify this decision the day after. Instead, they failed to take a vote.--...

  • EU lawmakers demand five-year phase out of weedkiller glyphosate
    The European Parliament called on Tuesday for weedkiller glyphosate to be phased out in the next five years, prompting the European Commission to drop its proposal for a 10 year licence extension.-- Delivered...

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