Visit to Sussex Prairie Garden

We are inviting members and non-members to join our summer coach outing from Sutton / Banstead to Sussex Prairie Garden on Saturday 1st July 2023.

This is Britain’s largest “Prairie,” or “Naturalistic,” garden, with eight acres of garden to roam around. Paul & Pauline McBride designed and planted the garden themselves, on Pauline’s family farm in West Sussex. Instead of armies of servants and gardeners, they planted all 35 000 plants themselves, with the help of friends and family!

The eight acre garden is surrounded by mature oak trees. The plantings consist of large groupings of each variety, planted in a free flowing style, which contrasts leaf forms, stems, stalks, flower shapes and textures. Colours are soft and muted, and complement the natural landscape.

You can explore the garden using a network of small wood chip paths which snake through the huge borders. You are encouraged to walk on the grass and in the borders!

There’s a plant nursery and a sculpture exhibition, and there will be art and sculpture for sale.

The cost of the outing will be £28 to include coach travel and entrance to the garden.  There is an optional tour of the garden at £10 per person. The tour is 1.5-2 hours. The café only serves tea and cake, so you may want to bring your own lunch.

Book on Outing and Pay by Card